Rockwheel Drum Cutter on Gold Rush: Alaska S14 E21!

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog

In the latest episode of Discovery's Gold Rush: Alaska, Season 14 Episode 21, Brian McCaughan introduced the Rockwheel D30 drum cutter excavator attachment to tackle the challenge of accessing the pay load locked in the Yukon's unforgiving permafrost, which he likens to “a block of concrete.” With impressive efficiency, the Rockwheel proved its worth by effortlessly grinding through the permafrost wall.

Goldrush screen2

Brian expressed his enthusiasm for the Rockwheel drum cutter, labeling it as "awesome" and “a complete game-changer” due to its remarkable performance in penetrating the frozen ground where buckets and rippers are ineffective. The tool's ability to rapidly cut the permafrost and create easily managed cuttings for transport to the processing plant highlighted its value. Notably, the Rockwheel eliminated the need for additional crushing, streamlining the mining process and maximizing productivity in their quest for gold. In this episode, the Rockwheel emerged as a crucial and economically viable asset, demonstrating its capability to overcome the formidable challenges posed by the Yukon's icy terrain.

Fact check:  During the show, the claimed price tag of the Rockwheel costing "$150,000" is significantly off base! A new Rockwheel D30 costs less than half of their claimed amount #TVDrama.

Gold Rush S14 E21

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