Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

We stock 1000's of bits and offer same-day shipping.

Cutting tools aka picks, bits, or teeth are available in all shapes and sizes to match the conditions at your jobsite. Rockwheels come standard with bits suitable for most rock and concrete applications. However, rock hardness and abrasiveness can affect the performance of standard conical bits.

We can help you choose the best bits for the job so that you can achieve the best production rates in excavation projects or the desired finished surface in your profiling application.

Our stock includes rock and concrete cutting tools with a variety of conical profiles, tungsten carbide tip profiles, straight and step-shanked types, different retainer types, wood specific bits for stump grinding, and mixing tools.  We stock pick blocks for replacement or if you're interested in a custom laced drum design.

Don't have a Rockwheel?
No Problem! 

We supply cutting tools and bits for most cutterheads or roadheaders,
so we'll keep you sharp and stocked.

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