The Ultimate Crusher Bucket Attachment

(Formerly Hartl Crusher Bucket) The Rockcrusher offers extremely high throughput with minimal wear costs, while ensuring a high-value cubical and consistent end product.

Thanks to its solid and robust build, the Rockcrusher can process natural rock as well as recycling materials. Designed with quality in mind, each Rockcrusher is manufactured with top quality components and materials, with easily replaced wear parts. The Rockcrusher excels at processing natural rock, concrete, brick, inert construction material, glass, tile, and asphalt.

Key Features

  • Quattro movement is unique to the Rockcrusher, which crushes material into a cubical form that outputs as suitable aggregate for onsite use.
  • Replaceable cheek plates avoid wear on the Rockcrusher frame
  • Reverse function to clear the chamber
  • Robust construction and materials give Rockcrusher a long service life
  • Strong ROI due to the consistency and quality of the crushed material and low cost of operation


  • Processing at quarries
  • Land clearing
  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Gravel pits


  • Crusher separator magnet
  • Water spray bar
  • Crusher Control video monitoring
Rockcrusher Model RC 7R
Excavator Class tons 10 - 15
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 27+ (102+)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 3190
Inlet Opening in 26 x 20
Output Size Range in 0.5 - 4.0
Load Volume y3 0.66
Length in 76
Width in 43
Height in 51
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 4410 (2000)
Rockcrusher Model RC 9R
Excavator Class tons 15 - 25
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 39+ (148+)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 3190
Inlet Opening in 30 x 20
Output Size Range in 0.5 - 4.0
Load Volume y3 1.0
Length in 87
Width in 48
Height in 54
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 6600 (2994)
Rockcrusher Model RC 11R
Excavator Class tons 25 - 35
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 53+ (200+)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 3190
Inlet Opening in 37 x 21
Output Size Range in 0.5- 5.0
Load Volume y3 1.3
Length in 93
Width in 57
Height in 55
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 9020 (4090)
Rockcrusher Model RC 13R
Excavator Class tons 35+
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 77+ (290+)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 3190
Inlet Opening in 49 x 22
Output Size Range in 0.5 - 5.0
Load Volume y3 2.2
Length in 101
Width in 72
Height in 61
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 13,450 (6100)