Stump Grinding: Rockwheel grinder attachments for many applications!

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
Stump Grinding Thumb

App stump2We recently visited a land-clearing site that was utilizing an Alpine D30 with stump grinding picks to remove dozens of small to medium sized stumps. Although the ground was very rocky and the stumps were shallow, the D30grinder made short work of these hardwood stumps. Although the low-speed grinders aren't your typical stand-alone, high RPM stump machine, the super-high torque eats stumps, no problem. Less of the dangerous wood chips and rocks flying, and more high-torque/slwo speed wood cutting power.

Check out this video of the D30 on a Volvo360 Excavator. Notice the low spray of the wood chips due to the low-RPM grinder, the ease of moving about the site with an excavator and the mulch-sized wood chips produced: