RockWheel for Limestone Scaling

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
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Trenching and mass rock excavation projects come complete with a unique set of challenges. Each surface has certain qualities that make different cutter drums better equipped to accomplish the task.Limestone scaling 1

Some situations call for smaller and more precise attachments, others call for large heavier options. One specific scenario that can be challenging for excavation projects is the cutting and removal of limestone.

From a technical definition, limestone is a sedimentary rock that principally consists of calcium carbonate. Due to the many forms limestone can be found in, it is known to vary in hardness. In most of our local applications, the limestone that is found is incredibly hard. The greater hardness levels in these limestone deposits call for heavy duty excavators with large attachments that provide enhanced stability.

Another challenge associated with limestone is that it is commonly found in shallow water.

This means that you need a drum cutter that is durable enough to handle the hard limestone and is equally efficient underwater. Alpine drum cutters and cutter heads are specifically built to not only handle the difficulties of grinding and cutting, but to also be easily fitted to perform in underwater scenarios.

Our fully waterproof systems are guaranteed to perform at highly effective levels in either fresh or saltwater. We are also able to offer some custom solutions if your situation calls for extraordinary equipment applications.

Alpine drum cutters are extremely helpful pieces of machinery that make the entire drilling and cutting process easier. Our broad footprint of cutter drums, power, and large number of teeth make them highly effective options.

One of the more difficult stages of excavation projects involves scaling. Scaling is the finishing step in a drill or blast project when all loose rock and debris is removed to make the interior of the tunnel or room safe for thoroughfare and further work.

This process is a critical step in ensuring a safe work environment. Our smooth, vibration-free machining action effectively completes the job without disturbing the foundation or creating micro-cracks. This results in a smooth wall that is consistent and durable. To have the smoothest scaling possible equip yourself with an Alpine drum cutter.

Limestone provides a variety of challenges for excavation projects, but we're happy to help you with everything you need to handle the job.

Our drum cutters are used in high-production underground limestone quarries across the United States and are also being operated for scaling in underground storage facilities.

Rockwheel drum cutters have even been used successfully in the removal of limestone in underwater applications.

Our wide variety of drum cutters include heavy attachments that work with large excavators that produce a more stable, less bouncy effect. If your next project involves the removal of limestone, check out the Rockwheel drum cutter selection to find the attachment you need to complete the job.