Precision rock removal with Rockwheel

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
Precision Rock Removal

An interesting project is underway in the State of Indiana in the USA. The contractor is using an D30 Rockwheel installed on a CAT336 excavator to precisely remove 4-ft of hard limestone shelf rock in order to place 96-ft long concrete box culverts in a river tributary. 

Precision rock removal

The job required rapid and precise rock removal as well as a smooth, flat finished surface. The D30 rock grinder was the ideal tool for this job.  Hydraulic hammers were not an option because of the rough irregular surface they create and inability to cut accurately within inches to get the final grade right. A further benefit was the generation of ground rock which can be reused onsite rather than hauled away. Rockwheels are the go-to tool for rapid and precise rock cutting.