Long-reach Concrete Scaling with a Rockwheel

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
Long Reach Thmb

Long reach1We get this question a lot: "how far can these things go into the ground" or "will the Rockwheel work on a long reach excavator?"  

Answer: Yes!

There is no depth restriction, heck we've even had cutterheads working several thousand feet underwater. And this photo below shows a very long reach excavator running an Alpine Rockwheel on a recent job concrete scaling in a canal rehab project. The concrete was drilled at the maximum depth of the removal, as a stopping indicator. Next, the majority of the concrete was removed with a hydraulic hammer. Finally, the cutterhead scaled the remainder down to tolerance. This gave the wall face a solid, clean finish that could easily resurfaced.

Long reach2