How Deep into Rock Will a Rockwheel Cut?

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
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When you are placing a bid on an excavation project there are an abundance of factors that you are taking into consideration.How deep1

There are concerns about the geographical location of the project site and the conditions you will potentially face and what equipment and manpower will be necessary to complete the task to the customer’s highest level of satisfaction.

One piece of equipment that is extremely useful in a variety of excavation applications is a Rockwheel. Like most tools, Rockwheels come in a variety of options, including specialized custom cutterheads available for particularly challenging or unique situations.

Rockwheel offer numerous advantages over simpler excavating products such as hydraulic hammers. The enhanced functionality of a Rockwheel will give you more precise control over the quality and structure of your excavation projects. In addition to better overall performance, cutterheads also have the ability to lower costs and improve the efficiency of your project as well.

How deep will a Rockwheel cut?

Today we’re going to look specifically at one aspect of cutterhead performance that is important to excavation projects, namely, how deep will a cutterhead cut? 

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The short answer is that cutterheads theoretically< have the ability to operate at any depth, but they are dependent on the excavator or carrier machine they are attached to for reach and depth. The power and rate at which a cutterhead operates should be constant, so the biggest restriction to a cutterhead’s ability to cut is how far the carrier machine can physically put the cutterhead into the ground.

This means the machine type will obviously have an impact on how the cutterhead performs. Knowing what excavator or carrier machine you have will affect the scope of your project.

Know beforehand what type of excavator or carrier machine you will be attaching your cutterhead to and you’ll be able to determine how deep your cutterhead will be equipped to cut.

Different machines have different capabilities, and even factors such as the machine’s weight and dimensions will change the way a cutterhead performs.

If you have any specific questions about an attachment or need help installing a cutterhead, feel free to Contact us at RockZone Americas.

There are a few other factors that will directly impact the depth at which a cutterhead will perform.

These include the specific type of cutterhead you select as well as the surrounding conditions of the project site. The soil type and the surrounding landscape such as the presence of fault lines, utility lines, and any other obstacles will have a direct correlation to how deep the cutterhead can safely excavate. Rockwheels have the capability to operate at any depth you need to get the job done, and most scenarios will need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.