High Precision Rock Removal with D30 Rockwheel

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
High Precision Rock Removal D30 Thmb

The Rockwheel D30 is getting some great press from down under in Syndey Australia! This article points out the need for a 40mm tolerance on the wall face after heavy rock removal, and job made for Rockwheel. In addition, they were impressed with the up time by only needing to replace 2 bits. Extremely precise rock grinding with minimum disturbance to the adjacent material.The same applies to tunneling work and concrete removal on sensitve structures. 

High precision rock removal d30

Rockwheel Americas stocks the full line of Rockwheels for excavators in every size class. Rental rock grinders are always available as well so you can try them on your equipment at your jobsite.  The Rockwheel will prove its worth!