G40 Rockwheel takes 14,000 psi Rock to Task in New York Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction

Posted by Ryan Leech at  RockZone Blog
G40 Rockwheel Takes 14000psi Thmb

Two 200-hp G40 Rockwheels installed on CAT349 excavators have helped the contactor complete a challenging rock excavation project in New York state. Geo technical data indicated rock to be in the 14,000 psi range. Because they were excavating next to an operating treatment plant, hammers and explosives were too risky because of possible collateral damage. In addition the rock excavation went right up to newly set caisson walls and concrete support pillars. 

G40 rockwheel takes 14000psi 1

The G40 rockwheels were favored because of low disturbance to surrounding structures and becasue of their ability to cut continuously. In additon to the two G40 Rockwheels a smaller AX20 and D10 were used where even more precision was required.


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