95hp // Long Housing (LH) // 17-28t Exc.

The MXR-D20 LH offers a longer housing body that allows deeper penetration and complete reduction in any material obstruction between the drums and housing. This is the world's best 20t-carrier class soil mixing attachment with plenty of customizable features. With custom options for paddle layout, drum width, amendment feeder system piping, bumpers for tank mixing, the MXR-D20 LH is a class leader in solving medium to large scale mixing problems.

Please contact us if you have a unique project that requires unique solutions!


  • 45" mixing width
  • Common excavators: (for reference only, attachment selection is based on several factors that we'll advise you on)
Rockwheel Direct Drive MXR-D20
Excavator Class tons 17 - 28
Hydraulic Input Power hp (kW) 95 (70)
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 40-55 (150-208)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 5800 (400)
Drum Speed RPM 50 - 75
Max Torque ft/lbs (kNm) 13,206 (17.9)
Drum Width *optional in (mm) 45 (1150)
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 3000 (1365)