Rockwheel Trench Cutters

Rockwheel Trench Cutters

Single-drum Trenching Pro

The Rockwheel single‐drum trench cutters are most often utilized when the narrowest cut is required. With a single drum 26"-27" drum, trenches of that width get cut with ease. 

These trench cutters have the same power as their twin drum counterparts but with all the power concentrated on a single drum. We call this power density, and the high power density of the TC-series equals high productivity. 

The TC‐series features a heavy duty stabilizing wheel with teeth that bite into the ground to secure the cutter and minimize torsional stress on the excavator arm. 

Rockwheel Model TC 20
Excavator Class tons 18 - 25
Hydraulic Input Power hp (kW) 95 (70)
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 40-55 (150-208)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 5800 (400)
Drum Speed RPM 50 – 75
Max Torque ft/lbs (kNm) 13,206 (17.9)
Max Cutting Force lbs (kN) 12,385 (55.1)
Drum Width in (mm) 26 (650)
Picks/Bits # 32
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 2200 (980)
Rockwheel Model TC 30
Excavator Class tons 25-42
Hydraulic Input Power hp (kW) 150 (110)
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 55-90 (208-340)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 5800 (400)
Drum Speed RPM 50 – 80
Max Torque ft/lbs (kNm) 19,715 (26.7)
Max Cutting Force lbs (kN) 17,674 (78.6)
Drum Width in (mm) 27 (680)
Picks/Bits # 30
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 2600 (1170)