Rockwheel Axial Drum Cutters

Rockwheel Axial Drum Cutters

In-line Single Drum Cutter

Rockwheel axial single‐drum cutters are utilized when traditional twin drum cutters are either too wide or not properly oriented for the grinding task. When vertical holes or a narrower cut are required an axial cutterhead can do the trick. 

These rock and concrete cutters have the same power as their twin drum counterparts but with all the power concentrated on a single drum, so look out! A typical application is grinding concrete piles/columns or any demolition job where vertical cutting is required. Other applications include grinding holes into rock, narrow trenching, mixing (when equipped with special mixing blades), trimming arched profiles, mining and tunneling.

AX20 is a 95hp, 26" wide drum for 18-25 ton excavators
AX30 is a 150hp, 27" wide drum for 25-35 ton excavators

Rockwheel Model AX 20
Excavator Class tons 18 - 25
Hydraulic Input Power hp (kW) 95 (70)
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 30-55 (150-208)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 5800 (400)
Drum Speed RPM 50 – 75
Max Torque ft/lbs (kNm) 13,206 (17.9)
Max Cutting Force lbs (kN) 12,385 (55.1)
Drum Width in (mm) 26 (650)
Drum Diameter in (mm) 26 (646)
Picks/Bits # 32
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 1995 (885)
Rockwheel Model AX 30
Excavator Class tons 25 - 35
Hydraulic Input Power hp (kW) 150 (110)
Required Flow Rate GPM (l/min) 55-90 (208-340)
Operating Pressure (Max) psi (bar) 5800 (400)
Drum Speed RPM 50 – 80
Max Torque ft/lbs (kNm) 19,715 (26.7)
Max Cutting Force lbs (kN) 17,752 (79)
Drum Width in (mm) 27 (677)
Drum Diameter in (mm) 27 (677)
Picks/Bits # 32
Weight (w/o bracket) lbs (kg) 2200 (980)